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310 Stonemill by Frank Pauer

My Old House 1985-87: 301 Stonemill

7:44 AM  Oct 10th, 2012
by Mickey Shuey ’14

For six women living at 301 Stonemill in the ’80s, early mornings were part of the schedule.

During Reunion Weekend 2012, housemates Angie French Dunn ’87 and Barbara Kingsley Miller ’87, both educators, returned to their junior- and senior-year home to recall some life lessons that came from living there.

The only bathroom in the house was essentially a deluxe closet that was always cold and cluttered. Starting at 6 a.m., each housemate — including four student-teachers — had a 15-minute slot for shower use. The order changed weekly, keeping the women from losing sleep over showering.

“After 7 a.m., anyone left got the cold shower,” says Miller. “But they also got to sleep in.”

Everyone pitched in washing dishes and sweeping.

“One of the girls was a clean freak, so we each had chores to do,” Dunn laughs as Miller chimes in, “The woodwork was always shiny from Liquid Gold.”

Miller remembers the house as one of the nicest in the neighborhood, though the area was home to few students then.
“The family [a house over] was a man, his dad and a very scary dog,” Miller says.

Other neighbors, like the male students across the street, were jokesters. Dunn says that after playing a practical joke on them, she and her housemates left for winter break feeling “victorious.”

Upon their return, the women found all their furniture tidily rearranged — up in the attic. The duplex’s exterior had a hole big enough, apparently, for a 20-something-year-old man to fit through.

“It’s one of those things that you just have to laugh at,” Dunn says.

The house was drafty, too. Rather than paying for heat in the winter, the women opted to put plastic on the windows.

“It was a fish bowl,” laughs Miller.

Both women agree that 301 Stonemill was always a place they loved coming home to.

And take a tour of this old house with today’s residents.

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