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Special moment

9:51 AM  Feb 1st, 2013
by Michelle Tedford

The T-shirts were gone in 15 minutes, but the joy of “I Love UD” month is just getting started. Take a look in on this week’s kickoff event and visit the “I Love UD” web site for contests, challenges and even more love.

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  • Cubby the puppy
  • Keller Hall reflected in a snowmelt puddle by Larry Burgess
  • 040111risewalton
  • 033010baseballb
  • 7.27
  • student plays guitar on front porch by Larry Burgess
  • Chinese culture club craft sale in kennedy union lobby by Larry Burgess
  • Fall Flowers copy
  • Ultimate Frisbee by Stephanie Lefeld '13
  • Push-uyps on front porch by Larry Burgess
  • Job fair at UD Arena by Larry Burgess
  • outdoor volleyball at recplex by Larry Burgess
  • University Place on Brown Street near Flyer Spirit is painted by Larry Burgess
  • Book sale on Central Mall by Larry Burgess
  • Father Fitz with St.John's Bible by Ian Moran
  • 160606  A family of ducks swims in the fountain at Serenity Pines; a passerby placed a large lid against the fountain walls so the ducklings could easily get back to land  Davis
  • bee
  • 030906yellow