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Flying Alligators & Empty Shovels: Our Life and Times in Russia

8:38 AM  Jun 26th, 2013
by CC Hutten '15

A book by Debbie Caffo and Ron Caffo ’69

Two adventurous Americans — with no foreign language skills and limited international experience — leave their homeland behind for a 15-year stint in post-Communist Russia. An expansion of their 2010 self-published tome, If Alligators Could Fly, this book incorporates the specific experiences of three of their Russian co-workers. “We wanted to pay tribute to our Russian colleagues and everyone we met, learned from and admired along the way,” Ron Caffo said. Back in the U.S. since 2007, the couple now travels frequently. As for the airborne reptiles? Check out the book’s introduction for an explanation.

Read more about the Caffo’s journey here.

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