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1:34 PM  Jul 26th, 2013
by Michelle Tedford

It takes 5 minutes to bike to DQ.

That should be all you need to know about the new bike path that runs through campus into Kettering. (Five minutes is barely enough time to work up an appetite, though who really requires hunger to consume ice cream?) More than 30 bicyclists found out for themselves on an inaugural ride on the new bike path today, organized by UD’s bike committee with coordination from Campus Recreation.

The path, still receiving final touches like landscaping and railings, connects Kettering through UD to the River Corridor bike path and is part of more than 330 miles of recreation paths in the region.

Participants included students, faculty and staff from throughout the University, including the departments of history, communication, chemical engineering and math;  the MBA program; divisions of advancement, athletics and enrollment management and marketing; the libraries; UDRI; facilities; Campus Rec and more. Some arrived on bikes they had ridden in from home; others borrowed RecBikes for their first biking experience in years.

While Dairy Queen wasn’t an official stop on the 6.84-mile round trip lunch-hour ride, some riders peeled off along the way to explore the area. When you go, here are some things to know:

It’s easy to access the path from campus (at the end of Lawnview, behind RecPlex). It’s green and lush and park-like and surprisingly cool from Irving to Shroyer. It runs right next to Carmel’s (in case you’d rather visit DQ across the street after a meal). The path continues into Kettering and winds through neighborhoods to Dorothy Lane. Cross Dorothy, and it’s an easy 25-minute ride from campus to Lincoln Park and its free concerts.

And it’s a great way to get out and gather together. Try it for yourself. (Click photo for more images and a map of the ride.)

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