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‘You sunk my battleship’

11:41 AM  Nov 12th, 2013
by Mickey Shuey '14

Students participated in a gaming classic Friday, Nov. 1, during an evening “Battleship” tournament at the RecPlex.

But this isn’t their parents’ version of the game. Rather, participants wielding big buckets as weapons and exercise mats as shields pile, four at a time, into canoes in the recreation center’s pool.

“The goal is to sink all the other ships,” says first-year discover engineering major Brandi Gerschutz, who had engaged in this version only once prior to the tournament.

“I like this one [better than the board game],” she says. “It’s full of action, and I haven’t played the ‘real’ game since I was a kid.”

Gerschutz’s group placed third in the championship round, which was won by a Titanic-attired group of sophomores.

Calling themselves “Seas the Day,” an alliteration to an often used aphorism, group members draped in nightgowns outmaneuvered the five other championship contenders.

Henry Bourassa, a physics major, was the lone male on the team, but says he was happy regardless.

“It all worked out … I got a free dress and a free [championship] shirt,” Bourassa says.

Bourassa’s teammates were Gabrielle Gum, an early childhood education major, Elizabeth Hertz, in chemical engineering, and Sydney Flora, who studies electrical engineering.

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