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Taking care of each other

1:35 PM  Jun 10th, 2017
by Cari Zahn '18

Nine brothers of Chi Sigma Alpha have attended their five-year class reunions since the beginning, and five of those brothers reunited during Reunion Weekend 2017 check-in at 461 Kiefaber St. They exchanged hugs and a warm welcome. But this wasn’t a long-awaited reunion.

In addition to attending class reunions, Marty Flahive, Phil Lanphier, Dick Burk, George Molaski and Edward Meagher, all from the Class of 1967, get together every fifth birthday and travel to places such as New Orleans; Outer Banks, North Carolina; Lake Tahoe, Nevada; and New Mexico.

The five reminisced about how, on their 50th birthdays, they rafted down the Rio Grande River, and remembered how Burk flipped out on the rapids and had to float on his back to save himself.

“That was an interesting challenge with none of us having done that kind of rafting before,” Flahive said.

Aside from big adventures, the fraternity brothers and longtime friends see each other at weddings, baby blessings and other scheduled visits from time to time. In between, they make an effort to stay in touch.

“It’s a lot easier now with the internet,” Flahive said. “We were doing it by mail and phone for a long time.”

The friends expressed excitement for many Reunion Weekend activities, including SIG Zone, where they hoped to connect with current members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, an extension and revival of their fraternity, Chi Sigma Alpha.

For Molaski, the friendships have been a system of support, whether that means mentoring each others’ kids or looking out for each other after tough times with their jobs.

“The strong relationships that we’ve found here at Dayton really followed through,” Molaski said. “We took care of each other.”

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