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Advent banners on display

4:48 PM  Dec 18th, 2017
by Elysse Winget ’19

Through the partnership of Campus Ministry, the Department of Art and Design and dozens of volunteers, four Advent banners now hang from the ceiling of the Chapel of the Immaculate Conception through the remainder of December.

Two professors in the Department of Art and Design, Suki Kwon and R. Darden Bradshaw, guided the project. They conducted 19 workshops for the UD community to contribute to the final banner design.

During these workshops, each attendee received a 6-inch square piece of wool that would eventually be bound together to create the 4-foot-by-26-foot banners.

The project took 10 months and nearly 1,000 hours to complete, according to both Kwon and Bradshaw.

“The preparation it took to create these banners emulates the preparation and anticipation of the Christ child,” Bradshaw said.

Kwon and Bradshaw will continue creating banners for the chapel as three more sets are in the works for upcoming religious holidays.

“The energy that the banners bring to the Chapel continues to surprise me,” said Kathy Sales, assistant director for Campus Ministry for Liturgy. “We are thankful that both Suki and Darden were so gracious and willing to share their gifts with the community.”


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