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Roeschella 2018

3:08 PM  Aug 20th, 2018
by Danielle Damon ’18

At the University of Dayton our library is not a normal library, it’s a cool library.

Roesch Library, also lovingly known as “Club Roesch” by students, is a staple on campus with many resources to offer. But each year library staff ask how they can improve and expose new students to all the library has to offer. So the event “Roeschella” was started in 2016 in collaboration with New Student Orientation to introduce first years to the campus library.

The event, held on Aug. 20 this year, is a play-on-words with the music and arts festival Coachella and allows incoming students to participate in games and giveaways.

Stations include themes like “Leisure Reads for the Weeknd” showcasing leisure reading books and Kindles available for checkout, and “Blink-456” taking students on a virtual reality tour of the fourth, fifth and sixth floors.

“I definitely will be using the library a lot this year,” said Erika Moeller, an incoming communication major from Pittsburgh. “I like the concept of quieter floors as you go up and how there are therapy dogs and free food during finals week – I didn’t expect a college library to have this stuff.”

First year discover arts major Alec Bertok from Cincinnati agrees. “Today I learned there are more resources available than I thought,” he said. “The amount of help Roesch offers is impressive.”

Incoming first years moved in Friday, August 17 with New Student Orientation starting the next day. NSO activities run through the Aug. 21.

One Response to Roeschella 2018

  1. Dick Moran '71 says:

    The Roesch Library today is a far cry from my days at UD in the late 60’s and early ’70’s. It was even then, a great place to study. The biggest drawback was having to go through the card catalog to find your book only to find it was already checked out and there was a waiting list. In this case, technology is a great thing and would have saved alot of time and frustration doing research.

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