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My Old House: 436 1/2 Kiefaber St.

9:34 AM  Jun 23rd, 2017
by Michelle Tedford ’94

The best part of 436 Kiefaber may be what’s hidden.

Walk around back to find an entire second home — 436 1/2 Kiefaber — attached by a hallway that serves as laundry room and closet.

It makes it difficult to get a pizza delivered, said Amanda Paul ’11, who lived in the back half. She moved in during the summer after her sophomore year and didn’t move out until graduation. In that time, Paul said she had 30 housemates come and go from the landlord house that sleeps 10.

“It’s still ours,” Paul said during last summer’s Reunion Weekend as she recounted how her housemates passed it down to younger siblings.

The combined home has six bedrooms and three porches, including a deck in the middle of the yard.

“This was our headquarters,” said Brittney Dienes ’11 of the deck where they would drag the TV out for community watch parties of movies, the Super Bowl and America’s Funniest Home Videos.

It also attracted a lot of friends who always kept the house full. “You would come back from class, and no one who lived here would be here,” said Katie Hueneman ’11, a laboratory technologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

“It was a revolving door,” added Dienes, who works for the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, Medical Examiner’s Office.

The housemates say living with 10 people wasn’t a problem. With numbers came great diversity — housemates hailing from England to California to Cleveland with majors including sport management, English, engineering and premed.

Paul, an account executive at Intersport in Chicago, said an added bonus was the home’s proximity to Baujan Field, which made for an easy trek to cheer on housemates from the soccer team, including Josie Grant ’12, Kelsey Miller ’12, Emily Kenyon Carr ’12, Kathleen Beljan Murray ’12 and Kelsey Owen ’12.

If you knocked on the front door and couldn’t find anyone, chances are they’d be lounging in the back living room with its air conditioning. Just walk around and knock. Said Paul, “There was always someone to hang out

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