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Larry Burnley speaks.

Beyond the dream

In 1964, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. spoke to a crowd in the University of Dayton Fieldhouse about the state…


“Litany of Loreto” depicts prayers to Mother Mary

An upcoming exhibit at the University will feature engravings by renowned Augsburg artist Josef Sebastian Klauber from a rare 18th…


Our moment in history

If the University of Dayton is to thrive in an era of increased competition for students, research funding and private…


Masters of energy

Two University of Dayton graduate students received $50,000 each to work in a U.S. Department of Energy program with researchers…


Fly home before the new year

Flyer Faithful can enjoy the final two days of 2016 with their favorite squads at UD Arena when the men’s…

(from left) John Seals, Lauren Wolford, and Colleen Sullivan.

Marketing success

Three University of Dayton students brought together people’s love for ice cream and Instagram to secure a place in a…

160118  Class change; Humanities Center  Davis

Getting back into the swing of things

Today is only the second day of classes, but it seems students are already adjusting to their new schedules. Here,…

Student and his dog buy textbooks at The UD Bookstore by Larry Burgess

Book hound

Spring semester classes begin today and tracking down the right textbook can be a big job. But it’s always better…

Student walks her dog by Larry Burgess

Stretching their legs

Upon returning to campus this afternoon from break, it was time to give “Gouda” a walk. Mary Parrish, junior mechanical…

Kennedy Union catering workers on campus by Larry Burgess

Staying busy during the break

UD Catering workers walk through campus as they return a cart to their home base at Kennedy Union after a…

Kennedy Union workers unload pipes on the roof by Larry Burgess

Working to keep Kennedy Union cool

Workers off-load a supply of distribution pipes for the air conditioning cooling tower at Kennedy Union as work on the…

Salty sidewalks in front of Albert Emanuel Hall by Larry Burgess

Salty sidewalks

Looking like the surface of a big salty pretzel you can walk on, the sidewalk in front of Albert Emanuel…

411 Lowes St.

My Old House: 411 Lowes St.

A pale yellow house stands at the end of the 400 block of Lowes. Inside, lives two sets of sorority bigs…

160427  MOH 124 Evanston  Davis

My Old House: 124 Evanston

The newly renovated exterior of the three-bedroom, one-bathroom house built in 1909 has a mystery tomato plant in the spacious…


My Old House: 228 College Park

228 College Park, conveniently close to both campus and Brown Street, boasts a bright blue exterior and a well-kept front…

My Old House: 339 Stonemill

The residents of 339 Stonemill Road met during their first year, from both the rowing club and their shared floor…

160302  MOH Woodland 101  Davis

My Old House: 101 Woodland

101 Woodland has 6 girls, 3 bedrooms, 2 refrigerators, and a whole lot of heart.

Two of the five residents of 308 Kiefaber just moved in after spending a semester abroad. So while the house is still developing it’s own traditions, the four juniors and one senior have wasted no time making the place feel like home.

My Old House: 308 Kiefaber St.

Two of the five residents of 308 Kiefaber just moved in after spending a semester abroad. So while the house…

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A Selfie a Day Makes the Memories Stay

Senior year at UD can be a bittersweet time. You have one academic school year left to be a college…

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Your flight plan

On June 21, alumni, parents, faculty, staff and other friends of the University will receive an email invitation to UD’s…

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Celebrating Curran

During an evening of heartfelt accolades, President Dan Curran brought down the house by poking fun at himself at a…

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Still crazy after all these years: Red Scare turns 20

UPDATE Jan. 7, 2016: UD students’ passion for community is apparent when Red Scare is in full throat. CBS Sports…

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Clinton shares lessons from Dayton Peace Accords during 20-year commemoration

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton returned to Dayton Nov. 19 for a commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the Dayton…

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Leaving a legacy

When he was a student, Tom Schmitt ’01 was sitting on his Lawnview porch when alumni walked up, wanting to…