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An image of Keigo Hirakawa he no doubt could have made much better using his research on enhancing images for television, photos, digital cameras and projectors.

Seeing colorful STARS

We’re expecting a raiding party from Apple any day now. Keigo Hirakawa, they are coming for you. At today’s STARS…

Photo by Jed Gerlach '15

Impact on intellect

Friday, Sept. 15, at 3 p.m. in Kennedy Union’s Boll Theatre, Michael Carter, professor of history, welcomed a full room…

OMA lunch

Eat, relate, repeat

As a university that prides itself on its diverse student body, UD’s Office of Multicultural Affairs makes sure the needs…


Remembering a research pioneer

The fifth annual STARS Symposium will pay tribute to one of its original star speakers. This year, the symposium —…


Taking it back

When first-years — or any college students for that matter — hear the words “free food,” they come running. Although…


Rock steady

Hellcat Maggie’s band members have a name for the very moment when the last note of the last song is…

Mother and daughter walking the dog on campus by Larry Burgess

Sunny stroll

This afternoon, Erin Umbaugh and her daughter Cecelia, age 4, and “Louie” their pet beagle, took a walk through Central…

Christopher Malloy White plays guitar in Central Mall by Larry Burgess


Christopher Malloy White, junior criminal justice major with a focus in pre-law from Silver Spring, Maryland decided to uncase his…

Setting up tables for Culture Fest in Central Mall by Larry Burgess

Cultural affair

Workers are setting up under the tent in Central Mall for this evening’s Culture Fest from 5 to 8 p.m.…

Rudy Flyer at fac/staff picnic 2014 in central mall by Larry Burgess

Mustard, please

Rudy Flyer was on hand to greet everyone during the 2014 Faculty Staff Picnic under the tent on Central Mall.…

Students walk from Kettering Labs through HM Plaza by Jed Gerlach

Shorter days, longer shadows

Three students walk from Kettering Labs after a long day of classes through Humanities Plaza, as another student rests on…

American flags installed on Central Mall for 9-11 observance by Larry Burgess

9-11 Observance

UD ROTC cadets Alexandra Nelms, sophomore mechanical engineering major from Beavercreek, and Zach Johnson, junior mechanical engineering major from Hudson,…


My Old House: 434 Lowes St.

The average time for a student to live in the student neighborhood is one year. These spirited ladies of 434…


My Old House: 118 Stonemill Road

It was all fun and games until someone stole their porch swing. Then, the 1987-88 residents of 418 Stonemill declared…


My Old House: 118 Stonemill Road

Six men spent the 2013-14 academic year living at 118 Stonemill, a Fellow house. The residence came complete with a…

MOH 118 Lawnview illustration

My Old House: 118 Lawnview Ave.

“Trash Jenga.” That’s what you could find seniors Danny Braner, Matt DeSapri, Andrew Gibson, Dan Hawks, Mike Molnar and Matt…

moh 226 l st

My Old House: 226 L Street

226 L St. was home to Lee Mason, Jim Yates, Pat Leneghan, Sean Connelly, Chris Petra, Doug DeRose and Jim…

The residents of 226 L St. love their porch and location close to campus – and have an inclination to decorate by subtle themes, from nautical to "Duck Dynasty."

My Old House: 226 L Street

The residents of 226 L St. love the location of their house — but they love decorating the inside of…

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‘You sunk my battleship’

Students participated in a gaming classic Friday, Nov. 1, during an evening “Battleship” tournament at the RecPlex. But this isn’t…

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A Worldly Celebration

Walking into the 1 World Celebration at McGinnis Center was disorienting. The lights dimmed, the music loud, a line of…

YouTube Preview Image

A boy and his bicycle

He was half the size of the other bicyclists but on twice as many wheels. Three-year-old Eli Joseph joined Team…

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Day in the Life: Behind all those stories

How long does it take a UD communications student writer to be a story, rather than just writing the stories…

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Day in the life: Senior does more than just study

A typical day as a University of Dayton student doesn’t always take place on campus. Senior Sean Fickert, a mechanical engineering…

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Day in the life: New twist on group projects

Group projects are dreaded and despised in most college-level courses, and students usually associate them with chaos, frustration, and a…