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Gardner's team made a Facebook page as one component of their digital campaign.

Rosetta Digital Marketing Competition

1:20 PM  Nov 5th, 2012
by Meredith Hirt '13

Digital marketing firm Rosetta connected with UD this October by hosting the Rosetta Digital Marketing Competition.

Four teams of four to five students participated in the competition, a challenge of creating a marketing campaign to implement in a digital space. The digital component was the sixth wave of an anti-drug campaign.

While comprising a campaign, the teams learned about Rosetta through a webinar each week of the month, which included a visual PowerPoint and audio presentation given virtually by company employees. “It really seemed like a practical experience,” said participant Emily Gardner, a senior marketing major. Gardner said Rosetta gave each team the background of the campaign, but they had a lot of liberty with design and direction.

The anti-drug campaign specifically targeted teens. Gardner’s team explored that demographic by looking at online behavior and discovering what platforms teens visit most frequently. Her team created a Facebook page as one way to reach the target market.

Final presentations were given in a Science Center classroom Oct. 29 to a panel of four judges from Rosetta, two of whom were UD grads. Each team had 15 minutes, followed by a Q&A session. The students had to present a marketing plan, a timeline and a budget – essentially what Rosetta would present to a client.

“It was interesting because the campaign was not for a product or for a retailer, it was to raise awareness,”  said Gardner. The judges gave feedback about creativity and functionality and held a social event afterward. “It definitely gave me practical experience about what a digital marketing company does and taught me how to do a holistic marketing campaign,” said Gardner.

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