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Watching the clock

2:34 PM  Dec 13th, 2012
by Michelle Tedford

Today, campus is a strange mix of happy students — done with finals and shuffling off to families — while frazzled students shuffle off to more exams.

Life is often Noen casino er har en gratis bonus i form av et visst antall free spins eller en sum gratis penger. about extremes, and especially so during the last week of the semester. With exams come puppies. With finals, pizza. With studying, spontaneous dancing.

And with winter break — the rest, relaxation and celebration — will come the inevitable longing for UD.

Will you be watching the clock? We will.



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  • mailboxes on a Brown St. apartment
  • Visitors read the Saint Mary's Hall Historic Marker.  Photo by Larry Burgess.
  • Christopher Malloy White plays guitar in Central Mall by Larry Burgess
  • Red-tailed Hawk resting in a tree just west of the chapel by Larry Burgess
  • 110909vigil
  • soccer game on central mall by Larry Burgess
  • three pumpkins
  • UD snow
  • 112905wind
  • Father Gerry Chinchar distributes ashes at Ash Wednesday mass.
  • study time at the Galley
  • Green pancakes at VWK by Larry Burgess
  • Fitting for Graduation Gown
  • conga line of chairs in miriam hall by Larry Burgess
  • christmas carolers drawn on a window by Larry Burgess
  • painting in keller hall lobby is changed by Larry Burgess
  • 121609humanities
  • purple flowers in the snow by Larry Burgess