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Snapshots for May 2006

060206LibertyHall 060206ZehlerHall 052306table Window Fitters. 051906raccoon 051906eyebrows 051806heritage 051006softball 051006survey 050406volleyball

  • 101210wsoccer
  • Marianist Hall Chapel by Larry Burgess
  • chapel window worker by Larry Burgess
  • native blessing ceremony on central mall by Larry Burgess
  • yellow leaves on trees and fiber optic mary and jesus by Larry Burgess.
  • sprinkler in front of VWK
  • equation in the snow
  • student sends mail at ud postoffice by Larry Burgess
  • Brittany Wilson with A-10 women's trophy by Larry Burgess
  • student and dog in central mall by Larry Burgess
  • Choose well, live well day balloons byLarry Burgess
  • students watch ncaa basketball in the hangar by Larry Burgess
  • Civil Engineering Summer Session
  • Santa window art
  • Students viewed "God... Steel and a Wasted Dream," an exhibition by sculpture professors and twin brothers Kyle and Kelly Phelps that opened in Rike Gallery today. The show runs through March 2. by Larry Burgess
  • sherman hall pendulum by Larry Burgess
  • 071609olympics
  • Door frame repair by Larry Burgess