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Snapshots for May 2006

060206LibertyHall 060206ZehlerHall 052306table Window Fitters. 051906raccoon 051906eyebrows 051806heritage 051006softball 051006survey 050406volleyball

  • cpc window workers in the summer by Larry Burgess
  • alumni hall cross painter in the summer by Larry Burgess
  • 121405Roeschstudy
  • ballet class
  • Students walk from Kettering Labs through HM Plaza by Jed Gerlach
  • Students remove snow from their cars by Larry Burgess
  • students walk along stewart street as they move in by Larry Burgess
  • football player
  • serving cake in ku lobby in honor of pope francis by Larry Burgess
  • Outdoor geology lab by Larry Burgess
  • 012406squirrel
  • workers install windows in science center near pendulum in summer by Larry Burgess
  • applying make-up in a Boll Theater dressing room.
  • 040111risebloomberg
  • cleaning houses on Founders Hall
  • American flags installed on Central Mall for 9-11 observance by Larry Burgess
  • fire extinguisher training for resident assistants by Larry Burgess